Body Treatments

Acadian Seaweed Toning Body Wrap

In order to rejuvenate the body, one must first tonify.This treatment begins with a customized Salt Scrub, followed by a cream-based body mud formulated with Green French Clay to draw and absorb toxins from the skin, and Grape Seed Oil for a toning effect. Other ingredients include Atlantic Kelp that is rich in folic acid and iodine and loaded with vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.


This treatment includes a steam canopy and finishes with a light massage of Baja Aloe Body Butter.


*Some contraindications, please call for details. *


  • 1 hr 30 min   $135.00

Ayurvedic Body Ritual

A combination of the most effective Ayurvedic body therapies to help stimulate Agni and remove Ama. In other words, increases full body circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system and assists in elimination through "swedana" sweating.


As a result, you will feel lighter, hydrated, grounded and content for days after.A very one-of-a-kind treatment. Includes Garshan silk glove dry massage, Dosha and seasonally specific herbalized warm oil blended for use in an Abhyanga massage and steam canopy.


* Some contraindications, please call for details *


  • 2 hr   $150.00

Mineral Salt Scrub

Mineral sea salts, sea weed and enzymes dissolve dead skin cells.Customized to either energize or relax using botanical oils. Includes full body scrub, hot towel removal and light full body massage. Not suitable for very sensitive skin.


*Do not wax/shave 24 hrs prior to this service.


  • 1 hr  30 min   $125.00



Turkish Rose Hydrating Body Wrap

A deeply hydrating and nourishing treatment suitable for all skin types. Skin is first exfoliated with our Mediterranean Salt Scrub followed by a relaxing steam canopy.

Turkish Rose Mud formulated with French Pink Clay and Sugar Cane is applied then the body is cocooned wrapped to allow for intense hydration. Hot towels and light application of Organic Shea Butter blended with Damask Rose, Sugar Maple and Bilberry finishes this exotic body treatment.

* Some contraindications. Please call for details*

  • 1 hr 30 min  $135.00

Neck Nirvana

Soothing, gentle massage techniques combined with hot herbal compresses,and aromatic steam release facial, neck, back and shoulder tension. Includes face, scalp, neck & shoulders and light back massage. A very gentle and rejuvenating treatment.


  • 1 hr  $65.00

Sole Food

Gentle, soothing and relaxing this treatment starts with a foot scrub and hot herbal towel treatment. Feet and lower legs are massaged with an essential oil blend of myrrh & frankincense for complete muscle and stress relief. A Spa favourite !

  • 45 min    $40.00