Eyelash extensions are now one of the most requested beauty services a salon/spa can offer.  As a result, there are many lash stylists to choose from.  Every year there are better quality eyelashes, and adhesives being developed as well as new application techniques being offered. It is an exciting time to be a lash stylist !


What I have learned in the past 11 years of doing lash extensions is that you must be able to customize your lash application.  The client's desired look, also has to be a look they can maintain and not cause damage to their natural lash. A lot of corrective work involves removing lash installations that were too thick and heavy, and caused breakage, or were twisting, too curled, or appeared super "fake".


So, what does this mean?  Essentially, for new clients I like to book 2 hours so we can discuss what eyelash look they would like, and how we get there. Not all lash clients are the same.  Some lashes might be so white blond they need an eyelash tinting first to get the desired look. Some lashes might be very thick, yet oily so they have a hard time with lashes staying on. Some eyelids might be slightly hooded so the choosing the right curl type is very important.



We will talk about lifestyle and what lash materials would be best suited for longevity and easy maintenance so the lashes always look good.  A good lash installation makes it not only easier for me to do re-fills down the road, but I want to be sure the client is getting their money's worth.


I  like to use a variety of lengths, weights and thicknesses. Sometimes the client may want a lightweight, wispy  set of silk extensions;  or a soon-to-be bride wants a lustrous set of black mink with a little 5D or 8D for volume.  Although customized, there is no price difference for either (synthetic) Mink or Silk.  


Handmade Russian Volume is also available, however,  more expensive as the materials are more delicate and take longer to install. The same for 5D-10D volume lashes. Although you will see some price guidelines, pricing is based upon how much work is required to achieve the look you want.